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Common Characteristicsof an Inclusive Workplace

Inclusivity is one of the most important traits a business can have. It enables a company to embrace the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives of the employees, which in turn increases their talent, innovation, creativity and contributions.

It also promotes a positive and welcoming environment, which can make employees and clients feel instantly at ease and more likely to return.

Recognising the common signs of an inclusive workplace can help you avoid toxic businesses and find a workplace that is accepting of everybody.

Here are the common characteristics of an inclusive workplace:

Everyone feels comfortable participating in meetings

Meetings are a place for collaboration and diverse opinions to be shared and listened to. However, meetings often end up dominated by white males and those who are more extroverted.

In order to create a more equal and welcoming environment, diverse contributions need to be encouraged and catered for. This can be done not by putting people on the spot but by providing the topic and questions in advance to give introverted employees time to prepare.

This will encourage employees to share thoughts without fear of judgment.

Learning and development strategy

Learning and development teams play a large part in implementing the right strategies to champion diversity and inclusion at work.

Companies who truly want a more equal and diverse future go beyond utilising L&D as a marketing strategy and show their commitment through their internal efforts and actions.

Access to resources

If your employees have access to resources like support from managers or affinity groups, this helps them know their organisation is committed to well-being and growth.

Diverse team

One of the easiest ways to spot an inclusive workplace is by taking a look around you – if your office is dominated by white, straight men, then you might be experiencing a non-inclusive work environment.

However, if your office is filled with people from all different backgrounds, genders, ages and sexualities, then this is a clear sign that your employer values and is open to hiring a diverse range of people.

Sense of belonging

The sense of connection an employee feels to a company is built on belonging. Feeling that you’re part of an environment that not only knows you but values you is crucial in creating an inclusive, positive workplace.

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