The Employment Law FAQs

There are some questions that get asked time and time again by both employers and employees. Sometimes you’re after a quick answer rather than a discussion with a specialist. That’s where our employment law FAQs come in to assist you.

If you find that you’re still searching for an answer then we’re ready and waiting to hear from you. Please either investigate our employment legal advice and services or consider contacting us direct through our contact us form.

Common FAQs raised by Employees

How do I know if I have a case and what is the cost?

If you have taken the step to ask for legal advice, chances are your employer has done something wrong.  Whilst we don’t provide free advice, we can hold a quick five minute discussion to ascertain if there is merit to your concern.  We do not provide legal advice at this stage.  For that we offer a fixed fee service to discuss your matter and provide you with advice on your legal position and various options for next steps.  This is for  a fee of either £165 plus VAT for a meeting in person, or £145 plus VAT for a telephone or skype meeting.  With each option, we then email you a summary of our discussion and advice so you have a note of the same.

How much would it cost to have a letter prepared?

If you want assistance with a letter to send to your employer drafted from you, or to be sent by us, we can provide this service for a fixed fee of £250 plus VAT; this usually involves a couple of hours work.  This includes us reporting on the outcome and next steps. For example, you have a grievance and want to make a complaint, we would draft the letter and following receipt of the grievance outcome, we would advise on its contents and your next steps; in this example the next steps would usually be to lodge an appeal.  We can provide this ongoing service for a further £250 plus VAT for the next stage letter but given the next steps could then result in multiple letters / correspondence, it may be worthwhile considering instructing us on a retainer basis instead.

What if I want to pursue a tribunal against my employer?

Good news, the tribunal fee system has been ruled as unlawful so presently there are no employment tribunal fees.  You can pursue a tribunal claim yourself as there is no requirement to have legal representation.  You can also use free services to obtain legal advice such as contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau or ACAS (please note ACAS ordinarily are not permitted to give legal advice as they are a conciliation service).  Naturally you will have the worry of your claim taken away if you instruct us, plus you will have your legal arguments set out from the start in your claim form so you get peace of mind and the correct legal claim submitted by using us.  The work in conducting a tribunal typically involves drafting and submitting the claim form and particulars of claim, dealing with tribunal orders – collating and preparing your documents and trial bundle, drafting and exchanging witness statements and preparing the list of issues and schedule of loss.  Our fees are shown on our Fees page.

Common FAQS raised by Businesses

What services do you offer?

We expect whatever it is you have visited our webpage for.  However in a nutshell, if you require HR services, we can accommodate it.  This ranges from day to day employment matters such as disciplinaries, grievances, sickness absence to more complex issues such as TUPE transfers, data protection and redundancies.  We also cover a range of commercial and corporate services from reviewing terms of business to debt chasing and collection services, advising on Director and Partnership matters.  Please see our services for businesses page.  Plus if you do not see it listed, contact us as it is likely we can accommodate you; there is only so much that can be written on a webpage.

Why would we use you instead of an HR company?

Firstly because we are legally qualified so all our advice to you is covered by legal advice privilege (which means you do not need to disclose it unlike advice provided by HR professionals).  Secondly, you are saving a cost because ultimately even the HR professionals need to speak to us to check the law and procedure they are advising on is correct.  However we believe in being honest so with HR they carry out the day to day activities whereas we provide you with the letters/documents you require, but you carry out the actual meetings.

What are your costs?

We provide a range of services to suit your budget, ranging from hourly rates (at £200 p/h plus VAT) to fixed fee or retainer services.  Our retainer services price varies subject to the size of the business / number of employees.  We also offer discounts on referral services for our retainer.

With our retainer services, it includes telephone and email advice, newsletters with updates in the law, discount on fees, contract/handbook reviews*, settlement agreement assistance* and in-house seminars* to name some of the benefits (* subject to retainer package taken).   Contact us for further details.