The Fees

We offer a number of options for clients from competitive hourly rates, fixed and agreed fees to monthly or annual retainers, contact us for details.

Please note you do not incur any fee until you have agreed it.  We have competitive fees so call us today for a chat about our fee options.

Please note we do not offer free advice

Call us on 01172140132 or email for a no obligation chat about our fee options.

Settlement Agreements

We act for employers and employees on settlement agreements.  To advise an employee on the terms and effect of a settlement agreement, our fees are typically in the region of £350 to £500, plus VAT.  The fee depends on how much additional negotiation is needed over the original offer in the agreement.

To provide a settlement agreement to employers, our fees are typically in the region of £400 to £600 plus VAT, depending on how bespoke the agreement and situation needs to be.  This includes advising on the risks surrounding entering into the agreement.

Fixed/Agreed Fees

Do you have a one off piece of work, such as a contract or handbook review, or just need advice on whether your legal matter has reasonable prospects?  Our fixed fees range from £145 plus VAT.

We can offer fixed fees for such matters so you know that, regardless of the work involved, you only pay that fee.

Monthly Retainer

If you are not sure you need access to us for a whole year, we offer monthly retainer packages from £150 plus VAT a month.  Great for those times of the year where you know you will need unlimited advice without facing a high legal bill.

Hourly rates

We prefer to work with fixed fees and retainers but if you did prefer to instruct us on a time basis, as we are a small niche firm, we can offer competitive hourly rates without the high cost and overheads passed on from other solicitor firms. Plus we don’t charge for time in six minute units like traditional firms, you pay for the actual time taken!

We offer cost estimates so you can understand the costs involved and issue regular invoices so you can keep on top of your legal expenditure. See our FAQs for further details.

Annual Retainers

  • Legal Advice

Would you like the equivalent of an in-house legal department?  We offer annual retainer services, for either employment law, commercial law or a mix of the two for a fixed monthly fee from £120 plus VAT a month, giving you access to legal advice and resources. Contact us for further information on our range of retainers.

  • Contract Review

Do you want to ensure your contracts and company handbooks are up to date throughout the year?  Our annual contract review retainer, from £120 plus VAT a month, gives you peace of mind in ensuring you are advised, and your contracts are amended, as and when employment changes come into force.

Fee Transparency – Employment Tribunals

employment solicitors

We conduct the case management of Employment Tribunals for both individuals and companies.  This means you can instruct us to file a claim or defend a claim.  We then act for you for the entire claim.

Our charges vary due to the type of claim, number of witnesses and time required.  We have two charges, legal fees and disbursements.  The basis of our legal fees from being instructed from the beginning is as follows:

  • Wages claims – typically a wages claim takes us between 15 and 20 hours and our hourly rate is £200 plus VAT per hour..
  • Unfair dismissal claims – typically an unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal claim (with no discrimination) takes us between 20 and 25 hours and our hourly rate is £200 plus VAT per hour.
  • Discrimination claims – typically a discrimination claim (to include unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal claim) takes us between 30 and 35 hours and our hourly rate is £200 plus VAT per hour.

These legal fees exclude charges for disbursements.  In addition, the disbursement charges are

  • 25 pence per page for photocopying;
  • any postage (either Royal Mail postage or courier services) if applicable;
  • travel at 45 pence per mile; and
  • any hotel accommodation costs.  Disbursements will be advised in advance of the charges being incurred.

We can also assist part way through an Employment Tribunal, this can either be on an hourly rate and time recording basis (on £200 plus VAT per hour) or based on fixed fees.

Fixed fees are available if you do not wish us to formally come on record to act for you.  These are calculated on what type of work is required.  We would look at the time required and then provide a fixed fee which is generally lower than the time record.  For example, if a defence is needed and we felt it would take three hours, the fixed fee would £450 plus VAT instead of £600 plus VAT.

Please note we also act for both individuals and companies where they have legal expenses insurance, so are charges are subject to the fees payable by your insurance company.  It is worth checking if you have legal expenses cover so please contact us to discuss further.