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How to Regain Confidence at Work After Bullying or Discrimination

When you experience bullying or discrimination in your workplace the after-effects can have a significant impact on how you feel and perform at work. But, whether you’re returning to the office or starting a new role in a different company it’s important to put your needs first and communicate them appropriately to improve your confidence.

Here are some practical tips for regaining your confidence at work.

Keep a distance

In some situations, you may be returning to a workplace where you are still working with the perpetrators. If this is the case, speak to your managers beforehand and if they haven’t done so already ensure that you do not have direct contact with them. Alternatively, even seeing these people from a distance can be difficult and in this case, it’s important to consider whether staying in the company is the best option for you.

Communicate your feelings and concerns

Speaking up and sharing your concerns with your team or managers is essential if you want to feel comfortable at work. If you are working in a new environment if you feel uneasy about a situation or you experience something that makes you uncomfortable then communicate this with the right people. This way changes can be made and solutions to your worries can be rectified before they progress.

Get support outside of work

It’s not uncommon for victims of workplace bullying and discrimination to experience mental health concerns such as anxiety, stress and more. Seeking professional support through talking therapy, for example, is a great way of processing what you’ve gone through and equipping yourself with methods.

Have regular catch ups with your manager

You can feel very alone when you’re going through a bad time at work so moving forward it’s important that you have a supportive team around you. Having regular catch-ups will ensure that your progress is monitored and that you have everything you need to feel confident at work.

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