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Is It Your Right To Work From Home?

The past two years have seen a drastic shift in how the workplace functions. Many people were able to work from home and enjoyed the freedom this gave them. With so many benefits to working out of your own space, you may wish to continue, but is your employer allowed to force you into the workplace?

Do I Legally Have To Come To Work?

Your employment comes with a contract and in that contract, it should specify where you will work. Usually, this is in the office or workplace, so legally, your employer can require your presence in the workplace.

Many employers are more flexible than before the pandemic, however. They recognise the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home and may even be willing to make arrangements for a hybrid working model. This would have you spend some time in the workplace, but also provide for working at home.

Asking For Remote Work Privileges

Before anything else, check your contract. However, you should also be aware that requesting to work from home may cause some friction with your employer. If they are asking for employees to return to the workplace, this means they have a reason.

First, ask your employer why they feel it is important that you work in the office or workplace. Listen to their reasoning and if you disagree or feel strongly about staying home, you may present evidence that you are more productive at home. You may request that you continue to work part-time at home if this is an acceptable option for you.

If you are not content with the safety guidelines in your workplace, you may explain this to your employer. It’s your right to be safe and protected at work and if you truly believe there is a problem, you can report the workplace to the Health and Safety Executive after discussing it. This is the last measure, however, as you will find it difficult to continue working in this workplace.

In many cases, your employer may be willing to discuss alternatives with you. If anything, we’ve learned that it’s possible to do many jobs from anywhere.

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