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Should I Invest In EmploymentLaw Training For Staff?

Employment law is a tricky subject for those without a detailed understanding of modern workplace legislation, and employees can benefit from learning more about their legal responsibilities and rights. With areas as varied as discrimination disputes, contract law and questions around equal pay, maternity leave or flexible requests, let Swan Craig Solicitors take you through the practical convenience of organising informative training sessions and seminars for staff, avoiding those dreaded business tribunals.

Inform Your Employees

There are a huge array of themed employment law seminars which can be conducted, offered to individuals at all levels of your organisation. It is increasingly important that managers and staff are fully aware of what they are legally able to do, say and act upon in the working environment, therefore we can make this clear via activities and talks. Handling training and seminars for businesses large and small, we can advise at board level, to HR professionals and administrative staff, or even entire roomfulls of office staff if required.

Complex Issues

Though we are able to cover most prominent areas of employment law in great detail, some of our most requested and desirable topics include:

Disciplinaries And Grievances

Training on how to deal with disciplinary and grievances to prevent unfair dismissal claims. This can be beneficial for senior stakeholders and provide a background on the topic.


All staff can benefit from attending equality training to seek to prevent allegations of discrimination This can also helps to prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace, which can have a detrimental effect on employee morale.

Managing Performance.

Training to guide managers through the correct process to use when managing poor performance, seeking to prevent potential unfair dismissal claims from disgruntled former-employees.


Training for managers and staff on the correct processes to follow with regards to a redundancy (or multiple redundancies), as well as the different situations which merit restructures and redundancies so not to dismiss employees.

Data Protection

Informative training on the newly updated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how to deal with processing employee and customer data in a secure manner entering 2023.

Training And Seminars

We attend your offices for any relevant training sessions or seminars so you won’t need to travel for your local course. The employment law training will be completely bespoke and catered to your requirements too, supporting existing HR policies – and with case studies used to improve understanding of the subject matter, attendees will remain engaged and come away from courses with a newfound knowledge.

Benefitting From Experience

Searching for ‘employment law help’? At Swan Craig Solicitors, we have over 15 years experience in providing employment legal advice across a wide range of matters, from personal disputes to contract breaches. We pride ourselves on providing professional and friendly legal services at competitive rates. If you’re looking for employment law advice either as a business, or an individual, we’re well-placed to offer trustworthy guidance – so contact us today.

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