Worried About Fees? Other Options

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We appreciate that legal fees can be expensive.  Here at Swan Craig Solicitors, wemployment solicitore aim to offer competitive rates and fee options to help when you find yourself in a position to need legal advice.  We also work with insurance companies, please see further below.  However, if you require free advice then there are a number of organisations who can help.  We do not endorse or promote any of these, we just wish to help by making you aware of them:

Direct contact agencies

  • Equality Advisory and Support Service: www.equalityadvisoryservice.com The helpline is available on 0808 800 0082 (free phone). This is only for discrimination cases under the Equality Act.

Referral agencies

  • Free Representation Unit: www.thefru.org.uk FRU may be able to offer free representation at the tribunal hearing. Please note, you cannot approach the FRU directly, however, an advice service such as the Citizens Advice Bureau can refer you.
  • The Bar Pro Bono Unit may also offer free representation at tribunal hearing. Likewise, they cannot be approached directly, and you will need to be referred by an advice agency, solicitor or your MP.

Moral Support

  • Personal Support Unit: www.thepsu.org The PSU does not give legal advice but they do provide moral support and practical assistance in terms of helping put paperwork in good order.


There may be further possibilities available to you.  If you are a member of a trade union they may be able to help you. Furthermore, if you have household, car or other insurance cover, it may be that you are already paying for legal expenses insurance which can cover an employment tribunal case. You can elect which solicitor to use and we act for a number of clients who fund us through their legal expenses insurance.


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