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What Kind of Evidence is Needed in an Employment Law Case?

Having problems at work can result in emotional stress, ongoing conflict and in some cases, lawsuits. There are many reasons why an employer or employee may need to take action, however, the outcome of the case will rely on the quality of evidence that’s presented. Depending on the claim, evidence will vary but written evidence is usually a good place to start.

Here are some of the most common examples of evidence that you can rely on in an employment law case.


Any email communication between you and your employer/employee can be given in evidence. It’s a good idea to keep this correspondence in a folder so you can pass them on to your employment solicitors to review. Any warnings, discriminatory language and other emails that will support your case can make a big impact on your outcome.

Internal communications

If your workplace uses internal communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Google Hangouts, messages from here can also be used. For example, if you are being harassed or bullied by another team member you can show evidence of this via screenshot and message history.

Policy and contract details

When you feel as if your contract has been breached in some way, using your contract to highlight this is essential. Use the outlined policies and specifics in your contract to reinforce your case whether it’s based on discrimination or unfair dismissal.

Employee information

You may find that an employee with the same experience and in the same role as you is paid far more. In this case, you may need to ask your employer directly for information about pay. You can also use your original job description to show how your abilities require equal pay as your colleague.

Social media posts

Social media posts can also be used as evidence. For example, using screenshots from your employees who have been talking about the company in an unprofessional manner or inappropriate comments in relation to race, religion, gender and more.

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